SIM Detection Issue in HE910

2 thoughts on “SIM Detection Issue in HE910

  1. Hello All,

    We are working on one project in that we are using HE910 GSM module from Telit.

    Currently we are facing issue in Sim detection. We already apply below approaches:

    1) Chnage SIM holder

    2) Check waveform of SIMVCC, SIMIN, SIMIO, SIMRST, SIMCLK Pin using CRO at GSM reboot and its working properly.

    3) When we fire AT#SIMDET? command using UART its give Response #SIMDET 2,1 OK. as which is shown in below image.

    We are getting SIM is not inserted ERROR in CPIN command as shown in below image.

    Kindly suggest us the solution for this issue.

    Waiting for your response.

    Thanks and Regards,