Z-One protocol stack and IAR support

3 thoughts on “Z-One protocol stack and IAR support

  1. Rupak Dahal said:



    recently got a zigbedd ZE61-2.4 modem.I am in need to download the
    Z-One protocol stack to play with this device.Please provide me with the
    download link.Also,is the development of firmware based excluively on
    the IAR Embeeded Workbench or are there other solutions too? 

    Thank you.



    1. Luca T. answered:


          Hi Rupak,

          ZigBee libraries are compiled in IAR so you also need to use the Telit_Developer_Package_ZEx1_Pro_2.00
      tool to create your own project and link Telit library.

          We have sent by e-mail a Download link that will expire after 24 hours.