Several FTP Questons

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  1. Hi All,

    I am using FTP transfer (GE865-QUAD and GL865-DUAL both with 10.00.xx5  FW), controlled by Python script. FTP is working well, but I need to improve some things.


    In all my applications, FTP transfer as well as all GPRS-related communications are using MDM2 command parser. MDM command parser is used as a general purpose – to check socket status, for voice call, SMS, network status, etc.


    BTW, when the device is in GPRS connection and is sending data to UDP server and someone is calling to device – after opening the line, GSM module gives information that it is not registered to the network indepenedently that I can see that the UDP-packets are sent and received and bidirectional voice call is held. Same is after sending SMS.


    Now, about http://FTP. 

    1. After AT#FTPOPEN=… (in active mode), AT#FTPTYPE=1 (ASCII), and AT#FTPCWD=… (to upload file to related folder on FTP sever), AT#FTPPUT=filename, and receiving CONNECT, GSM starts sending the file row-by row using MDM2.send(row).

    What answer (URC) to MDM2 (or probably to MDM) will be received if the connection is broken during file sending? NO CARRIER or something else. I am checking res value (res = MDM2.send(row)), and if res==1 command is succesful.

    2. After the end of file transfer (all data uploaded, delay of 3 sec, ‘+++’, another delay of 3 sec and after receiving od NO CARRIER), I want to check file size on the FTP server.

    According to the AT-command reference guide:

    AT#FTPFSIZE=<span lang=