Setup data call with AT commands

7 thoughts on “Setup data call with AT commands

  1. Hello,

    In my application I want to establish data call between 2 GL865 modem & once the connection established, then transfer data using GPRS.

    I am trying to establish data call, but it gives me NO CARRIER response instead of CONNECT response. I have performed following steps:

    1. AT#DIALMODE=2

    2. AT+FCLASS=0

    3. AT+CBST=0,0,1 (for 9600 baud rate)

    4. AT+CRC=1

    5. ATS0=2

    Now, where am i going wrong? My sim is VODAFONE postpaid & it has GSM/GPRS activated plan.

    Please suggest me prerequisites also along with the AT commands list required.

    1. Do you mean CSD? How are you dialing? Whow do you intend to do GPRS over CSD, these are rather different incompatible technologies?

      Make sure your plan still offers CSD, this is more and more deprecated.

      1. I want in my application, that when I run AT command ATD<number>CrLf, then it should give me CONNECT response instead of NO CARRIER.

        How can I achieve that.. You are suggesting to check CSD on my sim; how can I check this? What steps I need to perform??

  2. When i am working with voice call, it works fine. But for data call, after sending ATD<number>CrLf it gives me NO CARRIER response…

    Suggest me solution for this problem.. Any help will be appreciated.

      1. My Vodafone India Postpaid SIM has internet (i.e. GPRS) active plan. So CSD is other than GPRS data pack?

        Vodafone support team unaware of this CSD thing.. They are telling me that you have internet active plan. There is no CSD such settings are there in SIM.

        So please guide me through this thing.

        1. There are plenty of places to learn about CSD which is an older, slower tpe of data connections.

          I suggest, if your goal is to gain link between two mobile devices, is to investigate a VPN usually offered by the MNO or ask your Telit contact about our services in this field.