Setting up ppp connection after a connection loss fails.

One thought on “Setting up ppp connection after a connection loss fails.

  1. Hi!


    I try to simulate a connection loss by disconnecting the antenna after a valid ppp connection has been set up.

    After reconnecting the antenna, activating a context again and trying to set up a ppp connection, the modem always sends

    +CGEV: ME DEACT IP, , 1

    and the ppp connection fails.

    Why do I get this URC? Am I doing something wrong? It seems as if  IP Control Protocol is failing and the modem cannot receive IP configuration from the network. IP phase is deactivated by the modem.

    I have attached a full debug output.

    The basic steps I take to set up a ppp connection after network registration:


    > AT+CGATT=1

    < OK


    > AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”gprswap”

    < OK


    > AT+CGDATA=”PPP”,1



    I also use AT&C0 to disable data carrier detect. When the DCD is disabled the modem does not hangup anymore after the data connection.



    Thanks in advance!