Serial Port output voltage

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  1. Hi,


    have been searching the hardware user guide for serial port output voltage in dependence of the load current. But I can’t find it.


    The only thing I found is that the output voltage is in between 2.2 V and 3.1 V. Which circumstances may lead to such a low output voltage? Load current? Supply voltage?


    If it is just tolerance I will have to implement level shifters to bring it up to a level that is supported by the host controller. 


    Kind regards,

    Alexander Buelow

    1. Hi Alexander,


      Telit_GE_GC864-QUAD_V2_and_GE864-GPS_Hardware_User_Guide_r11.pdf gives the required info, more:


      The lower 2.2V voltage could be reached on with a big overload, generally in normal usual condition it is at about 2.8V.