Serial issues with python script

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    1. It shouldn’t be a problem with the receive, do you get any errors in debug? Try to put some prints before and after SER.receive, which BTW should return a string so your print with decimal type format might crash with errors.


      1. Hi Cosmin,


        Just to update the thread for future users.


        I figured out the issue, in my application i think i misunderstood how the python serial interfaced works.  I was expecting to use print commands to display text via the serial interface which isn’t the case with a LCD module. What i did was to SER.send back to the interface what is in the SER.receive() or buffer and it works great.


        The reason i wasn’t seeing the printed texts on the debug screen was i was using only the serial port without CMUX virtual ports.


        I enabled CMUX  and Bingo, saw both the Sent and received text but unfortunately doesn’t display on the LCD since the physical port is now used and virtual port emulation.


        But atleast, i now know what was exactlky the problem and how to work around it. 


        Nonetheless, thanks for the in sight.