Secure FTP

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          1. Do you have any host based code which I could get hold of?


            You might spot that  I’m struggling to figure out a good solution for this.. 

          2. What kind of host do you target? While can be seen as feasible with an ARM, I suppose with a 8 bit micro is a no no.

            And, what secure FTP variant?

  1. ARM LPC 1765 🙂


    Well, any variant of secure ftp really, but the server has :-



     the standard FTP 7.5 service from Microsoft that comes with Windows Server 2008 R2.


    I believe the Microsoft FTP service will support the following options:


    ·         1. TLS-C/TLS
    – Use TLS for the connection with RFC2228 defaults. 

    2. TLS-P/SSL – Use TLS for the connection.