SE880 – Empty NMEA messages

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  1. I have a design using an SE880, we’ve been able to connect with the module, but we’re just getting empty NMEA messages.  Does this mean no signals are being received from the satellites?  I’m using a W3011 GPS chip antenna from Pulse.  The antenna datasheet can be seen a the link below:

    I’ve closely followed all the layout recommendations for the antenna and for the SE880.

    Is there any way to know the signal strength (if any) being picked up by the SE880?

    Any other suggestions on how to proceed?



    1. Hi John,


      In general if receiver returns empty NMEA messages, this could mean that no signal is received, but before any conclusion, some investigation is needed.


      In order to do further investigation, please provide the following information.


      > Can you send me a NMEA log file?


      > How are you doing the test?

      Please note that test scenarios like GPS Lab Repeater or putting the device near a window of your office it’s always strongly discouraged, because they aren’t reliable tests scenarios, especially when using a chip antenna.

      So for this reason do your test in a Open Sky scenario in order to let the GPS antenna have real GPS signal coming directly from Satellites.


      A good additional test that could help in order to address the problem in the right way would be to add a UFL connector for adding an external antenna as you already wrote in your email.



      Best Regards,


      Andrea Tovaglia

      GNSS Application Engineering