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  1. I have an issue with the serial interface, it seems that the RTS line doesn’t seem to be effective.


    I have set ATQ3, AT&K3, AT+IFC=2,2 but it still seems to make little difference what state it is in.


    Has anyone else encountered this issue?


    1. These things are working, please explain what are you using and how, detail the problem etc.

  2. Normal



    I have had this problem now since I have been using this module, it looks like garbled data coming from the module when it’s just the start of the string that is missing and perhaps the data being caught half way through a byte which caused it to become out of sync.

    I have looked through the forum and found another case of garbled serial data which seemed to be resolved with a firmware update.
    I have a scope on both the C103 pin (38) of the modem and the RTS pin (C105) which is being driven by the Microcontroller, the RTS line is high, data is sent via C104 and a reply is sent out by the modem. It is sent out between half and two and a half bytes before RTS goes low, in fact I can leave RTS high and it will still send out data.

    1. I suppose I need to upload the latest firmware for my modules, please could you tell me where I can download the update tool and the update?