ringtone is way too quiet

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  1. Hello!


    I have a question about a GE 865 DUAL V3 module. The module is working fine and I am currently testing tone generation. I have managed to get almost all of the signalling tones to work, but there is still one problem. When using the module for an outgoing voicecall, the ringing tone is extremely quiet.



    I have tried using the  AT#TSVOL command and it has worked with all the other tones, which are now audible. However for some reason the ringing tone is still way too quiet. Maybe somebody could help me find the right command for increasing its sound level.




      1. #TSVOL:1,1,14
        Anyway the strangest thing happened – it suddenly started working the next day I came to work. I didn’t do anything new or different. Now the ringing tone is fine and very well audible. The TSVOL command returned the same data yesterday. I guess I just got lucky. =)