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  1. Hi. 
    If my GE865-quad receive any call then gsm module send string CRING or RING is possible to disable it. I just want control on some cycle time any AT command to ask module if anyone ring or not or call is in progress.


    1. You cannot disable these unsolicited result codes; you can check call status with AT+CLCC and/or AT+CPAS.

          1. Once again, please read the documentation. From AT Commands Reference Guide:


            Execution command returns the MSISDN (if the phone number of the device
            has been stored in the SIM card) …

          2. Why? See Modules Software User Guide paragraph 3.3. Storing MSISDN into SIM … or use a phone with this capability.

          3.  I read documentation , I find this : #SNUM :Set command writes the MSISDN information related to the subscriber (own number) in the EFmsisdn SIM file.

            but if try this command AT#SNUM=1,"+421911131394","test" 


            return error.


          4. Two things to check:


            <number> – string containing the phone number
            The string could be written between quotes. If the ENS functionality has
            been previously enabled (see #ENS) “+” at start only is also admitted
            (international numbering scheme).


            Note: the command return ERROR if EFmsisdn file is not present in the SIM
            or if MSISDN service is not allocated and activated in the SIM Service Table.


            Once again, activate verbose error codes with AT+CMEE=2.