RF thresholds for association of NE50-868

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  1. For our current application with NE50-868 we are obliged to establish a link performance analysis which shall cover both availability of data transfer and the reliability of the auto association of modules in the network.

    Whilst for the data transmission analysis a receiver threshold is presented in the data sheet, I fail to find information about the corresponding levels for association. What are the RF threshold levels in dBm for each setting of register S305 which are needed to ensure that a module will associate to the network, and at RF levels will the association be lost?

    1. Hi

      there are 4 level

      4 levels are available :

      – ‘0’ : received level < -87dBm

      – ‘1’ : received level between -87 and -82dBm

      – ‘2’ : received level between -82 and -77dBm

      – ‘3’ : received level > -77dBm

      1. Hi Cosmin,

        Thanks for the swift reponse.

        From your answer I understand that the RF thresholds to ensure association are:

        S305=3 -77dBm

        S305=2 -82dBm

        S305=1 -87dBm

        S305=0 any level below -87 dBm, but how much?

        Can I assume a module will reliably associate if the RF level is above the specified -101 dBm receiver sensisitvity at 1% PER?



        1. Hi,
          if your network is RSSI critical, the best solution is to set ATS305=0,
          So, there will be association also in bad condition (like your sample)

          any case if RSSI value is critical the best solution it is implement
          auto association mode, so if module loose association to network it will
          try to associate again to historical parent, otherwise it will choose
          another parent (with best RSSI level) and network is always warranted