3 thoughts on “[RESOLVED] CMAR on UL865

  1. We have a UL865-EUR v12.00.603-B063 device which has a broken Python script that cannot be read or erased. I need to formwat the NVM so I can reupload the scripts, but it seems like the CMAR command doesn’t work on these devices:


    > AT+CMAR=00000000

    < ERROR 


    Is there any other command I should use? 

  2. yes, like in the AT commands reference  guide, this command is not supported for this platform.. However the behavior mentioned is very strange. I’m going to contact you directly to use some tools for investigation

  3. Flashing with a new firmware did format the NVM. It’s not feasible in the long run since this is bound to happen on the customer devices eventually, but it solves the problem for me now.