reprogramming GPS part

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  1. Hi,


    I have modules GE863-GPS with GPS NOT functionality / after time of 2 – 15 weeks good work/

    I update firmware of GSM part by Xfp tool. The old version was 07.03.700, new – 07.03.701.

    but the problem with GPS stay on.

    I check serial connection between GPS and GSM – all it’s fine.

    if i send AT command "AT$GPSACP", the response is only ‘OK’.

    I think if update firmware of GPS part the problem may resolve. 

    Does anybody know how to update firmware of GPS part of GE863-GPS?


    thank you in advance

    Veselin Nakov

    1. I sent you the link for 7.03.703, try that. But should work with what you have, check connections, settings, other GPS commands, and if you have the possibility to connect the GPS output lines to a PC to inspect would be helpful.