Replacing a GL865 with a UL865 (analog interface)

3 thoughts on “Replacing a GL865 with a UL865 (analog interface)

  1. Hi,

    I am currently using the GL865-QUAD analog interfase in my design.

    This module is only 2G compatible and I want to replace it with a 3G option.

    The UL865 family is presented as a compatible replacement for GL865 (UL865-NAR seems to be the right choice for me).

    I found the following problem, though:

      1) according to Telit_UL865_Hardware_User_Guide_r8.pdf this module only has a DVI audio interface

      2) according to Audio_Settings_Application_Note_Rev._5.pdf (chap 14) UL865-NAR (soft 12.00.xx4) HAS the “HS audio path”

    I bought a UL865-NAR module (version 12.00.704) but can not use the analog interface.

    Local support told me that this module does not have analog audio support. If this is right, please correct the Audio Settings PDF.

    Can anyone, please tell me what is the easiest way to replace a GL865 that use the analog path.

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Gabriele,

      I can uinderstand Audio User guide nomenclature cna lead to mistake, but when it is stated UL865 has  HS audi path this means you have to use audio AT command related to HS ( such as AT#HSEC to control echo canceller ); this doesn’t means module support analogue path.

      To have a view on pin out you must refer to product HWuser guide.

      Unfortunately we have no xL865 form factor with analogue audio in 3G band