Recomended design with CAN interface

One thought on “Recomended design with CAN interface

  1. Hello,


    As we know G30 has two comunication interfaces: RX/TX and I2C

    Also SPI but it is only for data loging as i know one side comunication i mean G30 can just send data but not get. Maybe i am wrong?


    In our board design we need to have CAN to get information from car.


    RX/TX for flash tool 

    I2C we plan to use for GPS (JN3)


    We missing one interface for comunication with nicrocontroller. For example for CAN we can use LPC11C24.


    What is telit recomendations for  

    G30 ->RX/TX -> Flash tool

    G30 -> GPS

    G30 -> Microcontroller