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    Does Telit
    have any documentation on the Real Time Debugger application (rtd.exe)?


    questions I have:


    – Is there
    a list of what all the two letter abbreviation mean in the right side panel?


    – What
    does the "NW Equalizer" do?


    – Is there
    list of commands that can be sent in the "CT" panel


    – Can any
    of the commands sendable in the "CT" section be used to simulate
    various network conditions for testing purposes, such as simulating a bad
    signal, switching cell towers etc 


    – How does
    Telit use the tool internally – do you just read the trace as text or do you
    have tools to interpret the data (if so are any of these available for
    customers use)?


    To give
    you some background we are currently in the process of trying to narrow down an
    issue concerning socket connections to a server disconnecting repeatedly.
     On the server side (tcpdump) we are seeing that after a TCP "PSH,
    ACK" packet is sent to the module an "ACK" reply is not seen
    from the module, and a "FIN, ACK" is then received after the module
    socket timeout expires (set to 90 seconds).


    The main
    problem we have at the moment is trying to get this issue to occur in a testing
    environment since it seems to only happen in certain locations, at unpredictable/random



    1. Hi Nicholas, is it most likely that you’ll get answers to these sensible (and proprietary) things directly from, please contact through your distributor first if possible.



      Cosmin Buhu