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  1. Good day,

    We have fleet managment "black-box" based on GL865 connected to GPS module via serial. 


    What we need now is python script firmware that allow:
    1. Send position string and status of connected sencors via GPRS using TCP-IP every xx sec when fleet move and yyy sec when it stay. String like NMEA.
    2. Setup parametrs xx yy and GPRS (ip and port)
    3. Special commant to immediatly push position.
    4. Update firmware via GPRS after special command received.
    5. Commnd to control output signals.
    6. Configure status for input signals (off, on, send immediatly when status changed)


    I beleave that some peaple in this community have such experience.

    Please contact me if you are interesting for remote job. If you sre speaking russion – it’s a plus.

    blaze (at) digsee (dot) com