Python floating point computation work around on module

3 thoughts on “Python floating point computation work around on module

  1. Hi Cosmin,


    Since the python package on Telit GM862 GPS module doesn’t
    support floating point numbers how is computations that involves lats and long
    conversions to dec;  degs to rads and
    distance calculation using Haversine formular be donein pythonwinsuch that the module canunderstand it.


    In other words what’s
    the substitute or work around to float numbers manipulation?



    1. I would say to leave such things to a server (simple web apps to solve math) or a math co-processor like these. For simple floating point predictable numbers handling scaling to integers might be a solution.


      1. Thanks for the reply.


        I’m using the uM-FPU V3.1 maths processor but I was hoping to do everything using the module but it seems there is no elegant work around solution using the module alone.