Python debugging

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  1. Is there nowadays an AT command that would send all output on ASC1 to ASC0? My idea here is to do simple Python debugging and tracing with only two wires connected between my PC and the GL865, i.e. RXD and TXD.


    I know one can redirect ASC1 port to ASC0 by a few lines of Python code, and I am using this "trick" all the time.


    But to get possible error messages prior to the Script actually starting, this kind of rerouting will not help. Any ideas? 

    1. Hi Tom,


      Check "Telit Virtual Serial Device Application Note"; the only way way to get trace in ASC0 is piping through CMUX, you would need to use/implement it in your host.


      1. Thanks Cosmin,


        for your answer. Perhaps you could send me the mentioned doc "Telit Virtual Serial Device Application Note", as it does not seem to appear on Telit’s public pages.


        And my CMUX sw seems pretty old also, maybe you could drop me the latest sw, thanks!