.pyo file upload problem

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  1. I am having problems uploading .pyo files to a GE865-QUAD module.

    It seems to be a file size related problem as several smaller (between 287-1997 bytes) work fine.

    Two larger files (9063 and 9089 bytes) seem to fail.


    I have tried using both RSTerm and PythonWin.


     My understanding is that files size less than 16k is recommended.


    Is there some other limit? 

      1. Thank you Cosmin for getting me thinking in the right direction.


         I had turned of hardware flow control on the module during experimentation with the AT&K0 command. I had then forgotten this. 

    1. Yes, I agree. ScrDownload works without handshake, at least with "reasonably" sized PYO files. (I have not hit the limit yet.)


      And I think thre is an even more up-to-date-version of this little loader, although I could not find it at the moment.


      Br, Tom