ATI0 Command

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  1. Hello. When I issue the ‘ATI’ or ‘ATI0’ command to our LE910 modem the value ‘332’ is returned. What does this mean? The¬†Telit_LE9x0_AT_Commands_Reference_Guide_r14.pdf states that the value returned from ATI0 is the ‘numerical identifier’, but how does ‘332’ identify this modem? Is the value ‘332’ returned by all LE910 modems?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi,

      franckly speaking it has no meaning. It is the same numeric response for all the Telit modules.

      If you want to identify the device you can use other commands like AT+CMGR (FW version), AT+CGMM (Model variant) and AT+CGSN (IMEI).

      If you are looking for a numeric code to identify one module from another one then check the IMEI.