SIM failure

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  1. Hi,


    during some voice calls to the telit modem the call gets dropped and error 13 (sim failure) is reported from the modem. I have noticed this on multiple modems with different operators and it happens after seemingly random time (not during every call though). It is impossible to call the number again (I have to restart the application). 


    fw: 10.00.005

  2. Not really…


    However in the same application with the same HW GPRS connection & SMS sending is working OK. It’s only the voice calls that cause it to report error 13. 

    1. Hi Roman,


      do you mean after you get the ERROR 13 you can still send SMS?

      It looks like a network reject…


      do you have a way to  connect a tool to collect log from debug port?

      1. Hi, 


        I have not tried to send SMS when this happens, but I do not think that will work either. What I meant was that this sim failure seems to occure only with voice calls (at least I have not seen it otherwise). We have other similar device with very similar HW that is using only GPRS & SMS and this problem never showed up. 

        What debug port do you mean? 

        1. Hi,


          I mean AUX port on module.

          If you have access to this port you can serial connect a PC and take a log.

          Can you also try the follow when error happen:




          wait 1sec



          and see if module recovered?