GPRS connection request timeout

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  1.  Alfredo Baltusis wrote:


    I am designing a vehicle tracking system based on a module gl865 quad.
    30 seconds I establish a GPRS connection and transmit the geographic
    coordinates of the vehicle. I also check the status of some GPIO’s
    connected to the alarm and the ignition circuit of the vehicle.

    when you go to activate the GPRS connection, the module does not
    respond for a long time (several minutes depending on the area where the
    vehicle passes) until it determines if the connection could be
    established. In that time span, the module does not check the status of
    the GPIO’s and then if the alarm goes off, I do not hear.

    How I can limit the time that it takes to establish GPRS connection?
    Do any AT command example?



    1. we have to clarify what does it means "establish a GPRS connection" for the customer:

      – GPRS attach this is done automatically unless autoattach is disable i.e. GPRS registration
      – PDP context activation AT#SGACT. Default timeout defined by 3GPP specs is 150s. It can be aborted with a single character setting AT#SGACTEXTCFG=1
      – TCP socket connection. ConnTo can be set with AT#SCFG  (600 = 60s default). Also in this case it can be aborted setting AT#SCFGEXT2=x,y,1 with a single character.