problems with the antenna-supply!

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  1. Hello!

    I’m useing the UC864-G modul. I have a problem with shuting down the Antenna-Supply.
    The command "at$gpsp=0" doesn’t have any effect. The only why to shut-down the supply is by
    changeing the antennatype to 0 by using the command "at$gpsat=0".
    I also need to measure the actual voltage and the command "at$gpsav?" always delivers the same value of
    3050, also when the antennatype is set to 0 and die voltage at the antennaconnector is 0V.

    Are there any known poblems in die software?
    Are there any solutions for my problem?


    Update 19.July : I also discovered, that a setting the antennatype to 0 and restarting the modul causes a voltage of 2,8V on the antennaconnector. Measuring the antennacurrent with the command "at$gpsai" always delivers the same value. 

    1. AT$GPSP only power up/down the GPS controller without modifying the antenna power supply status that is controller via AT$GPSAT


      As written in the UC864 AT Command manual  AT$GPSAV has meaning only if current $GPSAT setting is not 0.


       AT$GPSAI is not documented in the AT command rev.8 and so not implemented.


      $GPSAT setting (as any other GPS setting) can be stored with AT$GPSSAV command