Problems installing CMUX software

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  1. Hello All,


    I am using a Telit EVK-2 with a GE864-GPS with a RS232 serial to usb converter. My laptop is unfortunately not equipped with a RS232 serial port hence the usb-to-RS232 converter. Unfortunately I am unable to install the Telit CMUX software which should permit me to multiplex my COM ports and consequently have acces to the debug port of the GE864-GPS – which is what I am striving to do. My system is refusing to install theTelit CMUX software.
    In more detail,  the Telit CMUX software that I am attempting to install is “TSPMux_32_3.0.3_TDK_2.0.31.msi”, under Windows 7 as  administrator.
    Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

    BTW, connecting to the GE864-GPS directly through the USB-to-RS232 converter works fine – the GE864-GPS module reacts correctly to my AT commands sent via a terminal window (ClearTerminal).





      1. Helllo,


        It is Windows Home Premium SP1 64 bit version.

        Basically,  what happens is that the telit setup wizard launches fine, but ends prematurely. I attached a snapshot of the Telit setup wizard intallation message.


        BTW, is the "_32_" in the Telit_TSPMux_32_3_0_3_TDK_2_0_31.msi name implying 32-bit version ?



          1. Hello,


            Thank you for your prompt reply.

            I tried the new "Telit_TSPMux_64_3_0_3_TDK_2_0_31"  port muxing software. I was able to sucessfully install it -great!. This new sw adds 2 new virtual ports (instead of 4 like the older CMUX sw), however I am not able to communicate with the GE864-GPS module via these 2 new ports. Sending AT command leads to no response from the module.

            My original (real) port can still communicate fine though.