Problem with AT#JDR

4 thoughts on “Problem with AT#JDR

  1. Hello!
    I have a problem with the Jammed Detect & Report function:

    I  active the service with AT#JDR=4 and after "OK" nothing happen!



    (now every 3 seconds reading the AT_Command_Ref it should tell me the JDR status but he doesnt tell me nothing!)


    i tried with AT#JDR=2,1,1 with a jammer actived but nothing too…


    Any idea?

    Module GE864 GPS

    SW 10.00.115


    Thank you!




    1. Every 3 seconds if jamming occurs, if not the URC is not sent. Are you sure tha jammer is working?

  2. Ok now it’s working!

    Can you explain me the Maximum Noise Power Level if the level 1 is greater than level 127? 

    for example

    127 = -127dBm


    or something else??

    if i set 1 the module does not detect the jamming, if i set 50 the report exist and is more frequent..


    Thank you!