Problem reading email message using python on GE865-QUAD

6 thoughts on “Problem reading email message using python on GE865-QUAD

  1. When I try the command AT#EMAILMSG, I get the following error

    #EMAILMSG: 221 Service closing transmission channel

    Any ideas what I am leaving out? I have no problems sending emails.



    1. I don’t think is an error, only a message about the last status/activities on channel, which is of course its closure.

    1. I am getting:

      #EMAILMSG: 221 2.0.0 Bye


      But I suppose is server related, if your messages are received OK at destination you should no worry.



      1. Thanks,


        I probably have the wrong command for reading email.  The modem should be able  read email right?  So I should be able to command it via email?


        What is the correct AT Command in relation to the email receiving and reading?

        1. AT#EMAILMSG is dealing with SMTP, ie message sending not receiving.


          There are no built-in email receiving facilities (POP3) but you can implement using sockets, read in "Telit IP Easy User Guide" paragraph 3.5.3 "Email receiving application".