Power Saving Mode via MOD.powerSaving()

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  1. I am having trouble using the power saving mode on the HE910-EUG. I am calling MOD.powerSaving(60) which should cause the terminal to go into power saving mode and sleep for 60 seconds but it returns immediately with the return value of 0 which as per the documentation means it received an external event ? I am using firmware version 12.00.216. Do I need to deassert DTR using MDM.setDTR(0) and what does that even mean given that the HE910-EUG is a modem and therefore a DCE and so DTR is an input ?

    Patrick Collins

    1. Is rather the RTS line that can cause the exit from power saving mode (MOD.powerSaving() == CFUN=0).

        1. AT+CFUN= [<fun>[,<rst>]]

          <fun> – is the power saving function mode

          0 – minimum functionality, NON-CYCLIC SLEEP mode: in this mode, the AT interface is not accessible. Consequently, once you have set <fun> level 0, do not send further characters. Otherwise these characters remain in the input buffer and may delay the output of an unsolicited result code. The first wake-up event, or rising RTS line, stops power saving and takes the ME back to full functionality level <fun>=1.

          So watch RTS line to stay OFF, ie not asserted,  ie HIGH (CMOS levels).