Power Save Mode and URCs (Unsolicited result codes)

5 thoughts on “Power Save Mode and URCs (Unsolicited result codes)

  1. Hi,


    I want to make use of unsolicited result codes associated with +CGEV, but I also have my modem (GE865) in sleep mode most of the time. It seems that when the modem is asleep these URCs are lost. Is this the case? Or is there any way to have URCs preserved and then flushed on wakeup? Any other thoughts on this issue would be appreciated.




        1. With CFUN=5 the module should temporary  exit power saving mode and present the CGEV URC. What are your CGEREP settings?

          1. Cosmin,


            Thanks for your help again. Listen, this is my fault : my processor was alseep – and only wakes up one either a) timer or b) interrupt from RI pin. Of course, for the URC there is no RI interrupt. So the processor was not waking up. What I’m implementing now is a "wake processor on RX edge" which my Kinetis part supports. I will be testing this soon, but you can close this question. (I’m right that there is no way to cause an RI for all URCS when in sleep mode?)