Pinning of M.2 cards xE930

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  1. Product family can´t be choosen in the main overview, so I had to create this topic here within the xE910 family 🙁

    => where can I find the pinning of the LN930 or HN930 ?

      1. This answer was not helpful – I´ve already reviewed all the documents on the Downloadzone. There are no documents available which shows the pinning of the M.2 Connector of LN930 or HN930


        Thanks for reading my question again. (sorry, but answering to review the Downloadzone is not helpful when this was already done and there is no answer to this question….) 


          1. Downloadzone

            => Product Documentation

            => Cellular

            => User Guides Hardware

            => UMTS/HSPA    (LTE is not available)


            there is no xN930 document…. (also not under GSM or CDMA)


            Please check if this document is viewable for me – and/or maybe you could also send it by email?


            hab (at)


            would be perfect! Thank you very much for your fast answer – especially on a friday afternoon this is great! 😉

          2. Should be here:

            Download Zone

            => Product Documentation

            => Cellular

            => User Guides Hardware

            => LTE


            Check your email please.