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  1. Hi all


    I just tried the ping command on my local ISP address and it seems to work. However, I get the result as follows: 

         #PING: 01,"",600,255


    Does it mean that the response time is 600 x 100 ms = 60 seconds? Cannot porobably be, as the response comes in about 5 seconds.


    Another thing: I would like to ping a specific port, known to be "drilled thru" in the destination server firewall. But  the AT#PING command does not accept an IP address with port specification, something like or similar. 


    Is there any way to ping a specific port?


    Thanks, Tom



    1. Note1: when the Echo Request timeout expires (no reply received on time) the
      response will contain <replyTime> set to 600 and <ttl> set to 255


       <timeout> – the timeout, in 100 ms units, waiting a single Echo Reply  
      1-600 (default 50)


      So 5 seconds, no reply to PING. Try a larger timeout, and:


      Note3: Before send PING Request the GPRS context must have
      been activated by AT#SGACT=1,1 


      There is no way to ping a port, only a host; to find if a certain port is open simply try to connect a socket, TCP or UDP what is needed, to that IP and port. This way work all network scanners.



      1. Thanks Cosmin, I did not come across the notes you referred to. I think there is no access in this case, simply because the pinged addresses are "normal" ISP subscriptions and probably restricted or "hidden" for pings.


        And also thanks, understood that I cannot ping a specific port.


        Is there any publicly available address against which I could try my TCP and UDP requests? Does Telit provide such service?


        Or maybe I should put two GE665 units to ping and send data to each other.


        BR, Tom



        1. You can try on any public servers, telnet, HTTP, FTP SMTP, POP, tim etc., they run on different established port numbers.


          You can ping another GE if it has public IP address and the network provider doesn’t suppress pings.