PHP Post and GET via Socket

2 thoughts on “PHP Post and GET via Socket

  1. Is it possible to do a PHP POST or GET via Socket? I tried a lot via hyperterminal and I cant get through it.


    Even when connect to my website, when I start writing "GET" or even "POST" it doesnt echo via Hyperterminal…


    I have another question… I want to open the socket of my website and
    let it open, throwing some posts or gets from time to time… is it
    possible or I have to open a socket everytime I do a Post or Get?

    1. Check "IP Easy User Guide" doc for an example at page 55; you can set Hypereterminal to echo input characters. Check if you have AT&K0 set if you aren’t use flow control.

      For leaving the socket open, is a matter of server support, read about HTTP keep-alive option.