Parallel execution of AT commands

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  1. Hi

    In the Telit Easy Script Python 2.7 r6 document it is stated that: 

    See “AT Commands Reference Guide” and “CMUX User Guide” for details on availability of AT commands on all instances and for the rules on parallel execution of AT commands on two instances.

    and in the Telit CMUX Implementation User Guide r6 it states:

    Due to some restriction in the GSM/GPRS standard or limitation of the software the AT commands, listed below, will not be executed in parallel by the module. If one of the following commands are requested to be executed on one AT Instance (see chapter 2) while one of this command is running on another AT Instance, the latest execution is suspend until the first request is completed.

    Further down the document refers to the AT commands including:

    • All FTP Command

    • All CSURV Command

    • All Supplementary Service Command

    • All Phone Book related command

    Is AT#HTTPSND one of the commands listed above?

    Is all the AT commands listed under section 3.5.7 in Telit AT Commands Reference Guide also included in the rule listed above?

    In the current experiment, I am running it seems the device stops the one thread while the other executes the HTTPSND command.

    Any clarity on this matter will greatly be appreciated!

    1. Hi,

      HTTPSND is not included in the commands listed above. Commands that are listed are never executed in parallel; other commands instead could vary speed execution among instances according to the workload associeted. When two commands that use the same resource are executed you should see this error: +CME ERROR: Resource used by other instance (enable AT+CMEE=2) out of the instance where the last command is issued.

      Could you provide us with a log of the issue you described?

      1. Hi

        I will try and get a copy of the log as I have to copy it from the debug terminal and it is difficult to show which debug is thread 1 and which thread 2.

        The program successfully starts both threads. The first thread, using MDM queries all the external parameters, IIC etc. The second thread using MDM2 only uploads the data with HTTPSND. At the moment it seems the first thread stops executing while HTTPSND executes on the second thread.

        Is there anything else I can look for while I am getting the logs ready?