Pace of data out

4 thoughts on “Pace of data out

  1. Hi,


    I have looked through the
    datasheet for the GE863-GPS and can’t seem to find any reference to the
    pace out of the data from the serial port, perhaps this is somehting
    that I have missed as it is refered to as something else?


    inout buffer on my microcontroller overflows which is not good when
    doing OTA firmware updates, any help here would be great. Thanks

      1. Hi,


        I would like to increase the amount of time between issuing an AT command and revieving a response and increase the amount of time between bytes being sent out by the module, are either of these things possible?

        1. The most appropriate solutions I can see is to use a lower baudrate and/or flow control lines, see AT#CFLO command.