OTAFTP.py md5 checksum how to

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  1. I see that there is md5 checksum option to check file integrity for upgrading scripts over FTP.


    I am lost trying to implement this. How do we add the md5 sum and EOF information to our scripts after compiling ?





  2. Indeed you should add the MD5 sum at the end of the file, shouldn’t be hard with a small Python script on PC:)

    The extracting and check code is in savefile function in ODAFTPcore.py.


    Alternatively you can get the MD5 from a separate file, downloaded along the program file itself.

  3. I work with compiled files always. Do I add md5 to the source or to the compiled file ? Also, in otaftp.py the md5 length is set as 16 but when I calculate, my md5 length is always 32.


    This is my first time dealing with remote updates and md5 so bear with me 🙂





    1. I don’t know what exactly source are you using, but why stop yiou to change the length of the MD5? Is simply a value used to know where to cut data in file.

      Of course we speaking about the MD5 added to the file which is downloaded, be it compiled or not.