number of writes to memory

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  1. I know the possible writes to the memory are limited.


    I have a list with e.g. 50 fields and I use this methode  f.writelines(list).

    I suppose that means 50 write cycles to memory.

    Could you confirm this please.

    Thank you.

    1. The low level driver accessing the flash writes word. You need to calculate  the number of words in the list.


      The max limit is about 100,000 program/erase cycles per block (declared by memory manufacturer), but FDI writes on more sectors so you could have more writing available. BTW Telit discourages strongly to use the NVM the module as datalogger, because after the end of writings, not predictable accurately, the module becomes unusable


    2. the driver accessing the flash memory writes words. So you need to calculate  how many words are in the list.
      The max limit of writings specified by memory manufacturer is  about 100,000 program/erase cycles per block, but the memory manager writes on more sectors, so you have available more writings.
      BTW Telit discourages strongly the use of the memory like a datalogger device because when the number of writings is reached, the module becomes unusable.

      furthermore is strongly recommended to wait around one second between FLASH writing and power off/reset of the module to be sure that the write procedure to flash is 100% completed.