Not specifying an APN in AT+CGDCONT

3 thoughts on “Not specifying an APN in AT+CGDCONT

  1. I have an enquiry about what would happen if I omitted the APN details from AT+CGDCONT.  The ETSI GSM standard says the following:


    APN: (Access Point Name) a string parameter which is a logical name that is used to select the GGSN or the external packet data network.

    If the value is null or omitted, then the subscription value will be requested. 


    What would the "subscription value" be?  Is this a default APN provided by your network provider?

    1. You need to specify the proper APN info, which will be saved in module automatically.

  2. Many thanks for your response.  I have since discovered that it is possible for a terminal to connect without specifying an APN, but it relies on network and terminal support being available.  It relies on the SGSN for your operator providing a default APN but, because this isn’t guaranteed, it’s safer to specify your own via AT command!