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  1. Hi

    I have a problem with GM862 QUAD.

    When I want to send a SMS, the module returns "+CMS ERROR 331".

    Please look my tests : 

    AT+CREG? returns 0,3
    AT+COPS? returns 0,0,"Orange F"
    SMSC-number is OK
    Led status is fast blinking

    Could anyone help me, please?

    Best regards

    1. Is an Orange SIM? What hardware are you using? What firmware version AT+CGMR? Do a network survey AT#CSURV and post the result.

  2. Thank you for your help.


    Telit module is connected with a PC. Yes it’s an Orange SIM.

    AT+CMGR returns 07.02.605


    Please find enclosed the result of AT#CSURV.

      1. Hi Andrea,


        AT+CIMI returns 208017701418529


        AT+COPS returns 0,2,"20801" after AT+COPS=3,2


        AT#SERVINFO returns #SERVINFO: 4,-78,"Orange F","20801",15,5201,00,1,,"II",01,6

  3. If you want to check my schematic, you will find enclosed. All is not represented but the pins connected are they good ?


    Pins 6, 8, 43, 27 can be left open if not used ?



    1. in pin8 not used or connected to 5V (CHARGE) ?


      Anyway does pins can be left open. An exception can be if you are using CMUX. In this case it is recommended to connect DTR pin (43) to ground. 


      Could you check also this parameters?


      AT+CFUN?  it should be 1


      AT+CGCLASS?    It should be "B"


      AT+CGREG? or AT+CGATT?  



  4. currently pin8 is not used


    AT+CFUN? returns 1 


    AT+CGCLASS? returns B


    AT+CGATT? returns sometimes 0 sometimes 1


    now AT+CFUN? returns sometimes 0,2 sometimes 0,3 sometimes 0,5 but never 0,1 


    the module has a strange behaviour, no ?


    I tested another GM862 and it works fine !


    Have you an idea of the problem with my first module ? 


    1. Do a firmware reflash in the first module, this will also have a side effect of having all default settings.

  6. Hi there,


    I’m also getting a similar behavior with the Error 331.  Would I please be able to get the latest firmware??