No Audio on GE865-Quad

4 thoughts on “No Audio on GE865-Quad

  1. We have following problem on a customer site.

    When reading in a newly arrived SMS which has been notified with a CMTI indication with the AT+CMGR command, sometimes we get partially binary data from the module. The SIM card is very old (more than 8 years), so this might pose a problem. The problem exists only with this SIM card so far.

    The lines look somewhat like this (r character printed as two characters at end of line):



    I can read 4 lines of this kind with a couple of seconds between each read, all terminated with a ‘r’. Until I read a line not terminated with a ‘r’. After this I start sending new commands to the module, and get the echo and answers, and everything looks right again. But, no audio is coming anymore from the module, until a restart. Do you have any idea, what to do in this case?



    1. We need some more information:


      Are you reading the SMS in text format?

      What is the character set used?

      What is the output in PDU format?


      Is the same SMS read normally by a mobile phone?

      1. We are using text format, we didn’t try PDU format and we are using the UCS2 character set. Since we don’t know where the SMS is coming from and what are its contents, it’s hard to test it on a mobile phone.


        Right now I think it could be related to another problem I’m trying to track down. Modem seems to reboot from time to time, which might be the cause for audio loss. Is it possible to read this kind of binary data from the modem, while in the state of rebooting?


        1. can you provide an AT log to understand the settings used becuase it isn’t really clear.


          About the audio issue…it is related to voice calls, ring tones or what?

          What is the scenario?