NMEA Protocol Some Command Is Not Working…!

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  1. I’m Using SE873 Module Which Support NMEA Protocol While I’m Give “$PSRF125*21rn” responce software version but i;m give Check SGEE Age  Command  “$PSRF114,1a,a*42rn” it not responding. Some NMEA Command Also not Responding.
    I’m using A-GPS Functionality So How To ENable SGEE ?? If Want To Erase Flassh Which NMEA Command is Use…!!!??

    1. Hello Kalarav,



      the commands you sent to get the SGEE age, it is incorrect. In the SSV, the command changed.


      See, for example, the command to get the SGEE age for satellite ID 24 (note that the ID must be hex in the command).





      The command and the response are described in the NMEA manual, section 3.31.

      Kind regards,

      Federica Cara

      Technical Support – EMEA Application Engineering

      Telit Communications S.p.A.