June 13 new documentation and software

5 thoughts on “June 13 new documentation and software

  1. Hi

    I’ve looked through the IoT AppZone software and current AppZone only has the C development environment and not the Python, Linux and Android options. Where do I get the Python development environment?


    Henro Ritchie

    1. You can download Python 2.7 from here and get started reading Telit IoT AppZonePython API Reference. You will probably need Telit HE910 Python Library Modules and Telit Python Examples from Download Zone – Software Tools UMTS/HSPA – Python Tools.

      1. Hi Cosmin

        Thank you. I have been working with a GE910 for about a year and all is well. But I would like to move to the Eclipse IDE setup.



        1. After installing the Appzone IDE Py perspective the Python dev must be setup in IDE, you’ll be asked at project creation so have Py 2.7 already installed. But for now is not much than a nice editor and even nicer console to upload/handle files in module.