August 8th, new documentation

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  1. Cellular
        Product Descriptions
                 Telit GE864-QUAD-ATEX Product Description r6

    Short Range
        Development Kits and Tools
            Telit SR Manager Tool User Guide r2



        Short Range

             Telit SR Manager Tool


  2. SIM module connection to HE910.


    In the application note regarding the SIM connections there no information (yet) upon the HE910.

    This document also mentions something from the 3GPP with numbers 1 2 3 and 4.


    1. Can anyone explain to me what the numbers from the 3GPP mean?

    2. How should i connect the SIM connector to the HE910 module.


    Thanks in advance,



    1. If you refer at Table 1 on page 12, I think on the first row are values which are 3GPP conform while the other rows aren’t.

      I see HE910 Product Description refers to the same "SIM Holder Design Guides, 80000NT10001a" .