August 1 new software

3 thoughts on “August 1 new software

  1. How do I get new firmware, tools and documentation from Telit?

     Software Tools GSM/GPRS/EDGE
     Software Tools CDMA
     Software Tools LTE

  2. Dear Sir,

    Where can I download BlueMod_S42 module firmware  and tool to update module firmware.



    1. A: The latest firmware file is included within the WINDOWS based update tool.
      This file is located in the TELIT Download Zone: DOWNLOAD Zone => Software => Short Range => Software Releases Short Range => Bluetooth => BlueMod+S42 => BM+S42 Central FWupdate
      B: For the OTA (over the Air) update the file is called: “BM+S42 Central V3 006 FWupdate OTA” in the same folder.

      The firmware update procedure is described in the User Guide document: BlueMod_S42_Software_User_Guide_r1.pdf