New AT#GPIO functionnality?

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  1. Hello,


    I have recently upgraded my HE910 module with the 12.00.005 firmware and I was surprised when I used the at#gpio command to see the following answer :

    #GPIO: 2,1,5
    #GPIO: 0,1,2
    #GPIO: 0,1,2
    #GPIO: 0,0,5
    #GPIO: 1,0,5
    #GPIO: 1,1,5
    #GPIO: 0,1,2
    #GPIO: 0,1,2
    #GPIO: 0,1,5
    #GPIO: 1,1,5




    I can’t find any information on the last parameter of each gpio status except this one on the delta software : "Extended range of #GPIO to configure Input Pull-Up/Input Pull-Down"


    Could you give us more detail on how we can use this new function ?




    Quesnel Jean-Baptiste

      1. Hello Cosmin,


        So regarding the pages 185 to  187 of the Telit_HE910_UE910_UL865_AT_Commands_Reference_Guide_r7, it is said that :


        If <mode> = 3,4 the ouput format is


        Nevertheless, I may don’t know how to read a documentation but if the bold explanation is true, I would expect seeing 3 or 4 in the last parameters of each gpio (ex: #GPIO: 2,1,5) but there are none, and instead, there are sometimes some 5 that are not mentioned anywhere in the documentation…


        Could you give me more details please?

          1. There isn’t a new AT#GPIO functionality, however here we weren’t able to replicate the bad behavior in question.

            At this point it would be useful obtaining some more info from customer:

            – What is the IMEI number of the HE910 module?

            – What is the sequence of AT commands that customer sent to module?