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  1. Hello,


    I am currently working on the GE864-GPS module and am having difficulty in figuring out how to configure my board in order to connect to my service provider.  The GSM SIM card is activated with my provider and I set my subscriber number/personal phone number via the AT+CNUM command.  My current configuration has a list of perferred operators to choose from, but yet when ever I attempt to do anything regarding GSM or GRPS I get a no network service error.


    So my question is, is there an order of commands that need to be done in order to get the new SIM card module connected to my serivce provider on this new module?





    1. What are your commands and what errors you are receiving.

      Check also at+cops and at+cpol commands


      1. The set of commands that I have been attempting are as follows:



        +CREG: 2,2 



         +COPS: 0








        +CPOL: 1,2,"310640"

        +CPOL: 2,2,"311370"

        +CPOL: 3,2,"26201"

        +CPOL: 4,2,"23430"

        +CPOL: 5,2,"20416"

        +CPOL: 6,2,"23203"

        +CPOL: 7,2,"23001"

        +CPOL: 8,2,"21630"

        +CPOL: 9,2,"23102"

        +CPOL: 10,2,"21901"

        +CPOL: 11,2,"26002"

        +CPOL: 12,2,"22004"

        +CPOL: 13,2,"29401"

        +CPOL: 14,2,"20201"

        +CPOL: 15,2,"28405"

        +CPOL: 16,2,"22603"

        +CPOL: 17,2,"27601"

        +CPOL: 18,2,"22201"

        +CPOL: 19,2,"20801"

        +CPOL: 20,2,"22801"

        +CPOL: 21,2,"46002"

        +CPOL: 22,2,"26803"

        +CPOL: 23,2,"28601"

        +CPOL: 24,2,"52501"

        +CPOL: 25,2,"334030"

        +CPOL: 26,2,"42501"

        +CPOL: 27,2,"24001"

        +CPOL: 28,2,"338180" 


        Attempting to change the COPS value gives me an error.  I know that the SIM card does work since I have a GSM phone at well, and I am able to use it. 

        1. I was able to get it up and running with regards to the GPRS (i.e. I can ping).  However, whenever I attempt to do an ATD command with regards to a specific number, I always get a No Carrier message from the board.


          Is there another configuration command to enable the carrier.  I have already completed the following.


          AT#ENS = 1 





          Thanks for the help,



          1. Additionally, when I attempt to read data from the GPS module while in controlled mode by the GSM module it always returns 0000…,,,,0,0,0 for a value.  I used to be able to hook up the GPS module into external host configuration with GPS connected to Trace and see the GPS data flowing, however, now only garabage is being to the screen. 


            Is there an additional piece of control while in control mode in order to read GPS data from the GPS module to the GSM?





          2. Read AT-command descriptom carefully and proceed step-by-step.


             CREG: 2,2  means that module is searching for network. Be patient and wait till

            AT+COPS? return CREG: 2,X when X is different from 2 (usually 1 – registered in home network).