Need Help For SiRFGetEE & SiRFLive For GPS(GNSS) Module.

2 thoughts on “Need Help For SiRFGetEE & SiRFLive For GPS(GNSS) Module.

  1. Hi, 

      I’m Using SE873 Module. And In This For Implemet A-GPS Fuctionality We Use The SiRFGetEE Apps To Download SGEE File From Telit Server And Inject IN SE873 Module Using OSP Protocol.After That Use SiRFLive Apps And give Cold Reset Command And SET EE And Enable SGEE To Show GUI Of Sattelite In OSP Protocol It Give Data In OSP Protocol. After That Remove Power And Plug-in Again It Give Only NULL Charcter. All Are Working On 115200 Baud.

    1. Hello Kalarav,

      Find attached the application notes.

      If you need the reference source code, it is necessary to sign another agreement (see attachment).

      Please, send the document signed ASAP, in order to provide you with the source code.


      Kind regards,

      Federica Cara

      Technical Support – EMEA Application Engineering

      Telit Communications S.p.A.