Need Help For SE873 GPS Module Relates To A-GPS

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  1. Hi,  
      I Am Currently Working on SE873 GPS GNSS Module Which Support GPS, Glonass Also So When I Am Using It With Direct Sky Contact It Give Me Longitude And Lattitude  But Inside The Building It Does not Responsiove.So I want To Use A-GPS Functionality in This So i’m Not Know About It’s Flow And How get Data From Server And How To Write In Its Internal Memory Using Which Method Or Comnmands.

    1. Hi,  

      The AGPS (known as SiRFInstantFix in SiRF modules) is used in order to reduce the TFFF in harsh enviromnents. The receiver module requires that precise time is first derived and verified from live satellites, so AGPS cannot work if your receiver starts inside a building.

      How your application should be used? What it is intended for?


      I can provide you with documents about InstantFix, but I need you to sign an agreement with Telit first. 

      Can you give me your email address?


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      Federica Cara

      Technical Support – EMEA Application Engineering
      Telit Communications S.p.A.

      1. Hello, Federica

           Thanks For Your Response , I’m Currently Working On One Product In Which We Havw Used SE873 GPS Module So, We Have Require It’s Application Note And I’m Ready To Sign Agreement.

        Thans & Regards

        1. I’m Using SE873 Using PC Application Which IS To Show The Radar View And To Inject SGEE Data binary File Downloaded From telit server using OSP Protocol But I want to use NMEA Protocol in Entire Project So, How To inject data using NMEA And After that want to set internal Flash And SGEE Using NMEA Protocol.

          1. Hello Kalarav,



            you will find two agreements attached

            • Mutual Standard NDA EMEA, which is requested in order to be provided the documents about AGPS
            • SIRF_InstantFix_Service_Agreement_TC, requested to create an account to access the AGPS server, where you can download the EE files to inject to the module.

            We have another Windows PC tool, named SiRFGetEE, that allows you to load the file in the module and work with NMEA protocol. The only expedient is to set the baudrate to 57600 in order to speed the file transfer.

            I will send all the documents and tools as soon as you sign the agreements.



            As you will notice, from now on you won’t need anymore to send your replies to the forum. Your request will be handled directly by the technical support system. So please, always keep in copy in the emails. Thank you.


            Kind regards,

            Federica Cara