NE50-868 seriel buffer q?

4 thoughts on “NE50-868 seriel buffer q?

  1. Hi


    Can you fill data into the telit buffer if the telit dont have a network connection?

    or do i need to wait till i have net, before transmitting data into the device?


    im running 3.15SW in NE50-868 and when im sending data to the telit to transmit when the telit have lost its net, the data will not be transmittet when the telit gains net.

      1. it dose not say that in the manual?? or have i missed it.

        And i have not observed that the RTS dont go high, so i assumed that it was ok to transmit data.

        1. Hi,
          no we have to add this info on User guide,
          in order to avoid data lost, we suggest to use flow control (rts/cts enabled)

          Best Regards,

          Romano Da Ronch

          Technical Support – EMEA Application Engineering